De Haro – Your tits are miserably small

The clinic.
“Our staff has carefully analyzed your medical problem, Courtney, and you do indeed suffer from a serious affliction: Your tits are miserably small.
“Fortunately for you, the Clinic has the cure for your problem. I have it right here in this syringe. This chemical combination will cause your breast tissue to swell to four times its normal size.
“Now, I must warn you, the injections may cause a stinging sensation. More accurately, as the last girl I used it on said – or, rather, screamed – ‘It hurts like hellfire being poured on my tits!’ The sensation should not last more than a few hours. “Your breast will have increased sensitivity afterwards – to pleasure, of course, but also to heat, cold, and pain. During the remainder of your stay here, Courtney, you will see.
“Now, for the injections. We seem to have run out of our supply of anesthetics, or misplaced them, or just can’t be bothered getting them for you – I don’t know – so you will just have to bear up to the unspeakable agony like a good girl. Nurse Sweetass will comfort you the old fashioned way during the procedure.

De Haro - Your tits are miserably small
De Haro – Your tits are miserably small

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