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Chloe was staggered by how fast it happened and how savage it was. One second she was out in the hall, safe, waiting for her detective friend. In fact, just before the fingers clamped in her hair and over her mouth, she thought she saw Jule's tousled blond head coming up the apartment house's front steps. The next, she was slammed on her face to a mattress just inside the apartment door, and then it was all sensation... all awful sensation. She couldn't see... the room was dark, the windows covered. She couldn't scream... something soft but filling, yielding but pulpy was being shoved into her mouth, completely filling the orifice like an inflating raft. She tried to fight... tried to yank the obstruction from her mouth... but her hands were yanked back, around something that was lying heavily on her back, her wrists being tightly cuffed by steel. Then the thick, sticky, patch was adhered to her lower face. It stank of petroleum, stinging her flairing nostrils, and seemed to sink into her skin, becoming one with her lips and flesh. She tried to kick... to get the weight off her back... but then steel encircled her ankles as well, clicking tightly around her long, shapely gams. Suddenly Chloe's olive eyes bulged, her body like a strung bow. The someone on her back, between her handcuffed arms, was sweeping a thick, damp cloth over everything under her perfect nose. With a twist, it was knotted tightly at the back of her skull and neck, tightening the muffle like a third skin. Chloe screamed... too late. The sound which emerged in the dark, almost empty apartment was a distant humming bleat. It was cut off by the man on her back suddenly ramming his legs in between hers, laying atop her-her arms, and now her lower limbs, seemingly embracing him. It all happened in less than a half-minute. And then, without preamble, the vicious rape began. Her miniskirt was shoved up to her waist. Her pantyhose was ripped aside. Her panties were torn. She tried to surge up when the cold steel of the jelly lubricant was shoved into her cunt, but the weight of her attacker sandwiched her to the mattress.

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