Mr.Kane – Still more pain was required

Slaves of Yang-Sogot.
The orgy of suffering was not over, however. Still more pain was required. The chosen one was chained to the floor, cruelly bound and tortured by the rings that pulled at her soft flesh. Her vagina, mercilessly pulled and stretched by the chief priest, was seen to quiver and tremble as it waited, exposed and defenseless, for the dark god. The priests hit her again and again all over her body, and masturbated over her, jerking and groaning as their semen rained down on the girl’s lovely naked body.
The priests then began a low, unintelligible chant, their eyes fixed on the victim. By now she was on the brink of madness, unable to stand the relentless beatings, the incessant penetrating pain…

Still more pain was required
Still more pain was required

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